WEDDING PLANNING TIPS: It’s YOUR big day…….so do it your way! There’s no right or wrong when it comes to determining which traditions are a good match, and which should be kicked to the curb. Your wedding day should be a true reflection of who you are, not a reflection of what weddings “used to be”. The top wedding traditions to trash include:

1. The necessity for a cake: If you want one, get one. If you don’t want a cake, you can replace it with cupcakes, a dessert tower, or nothing at all!

2. Wedding favours: Nice to have, but never a requirement. You can opt to make a donation to a charity instead, or forgo this tradition entirely if it’s not within budget or doesn’t suit your personal taste.

3. The garter removal: In many cases, this is an awkward moment for many. If you’re not keen on the garter removal, the groom can simply be handed a garter to toss – or you can skip this part altogether.

4. The Kissing Game: If an interactive wedding reception is what you have in mind, then this is a useful tool. If you’re hoping to create a more intimate environment, you can easily remove the kissing game, and none would be the wiser.

5. The white dress: Ivory, Champagne…Red….it doesn’t matter! Wear the dress you love.

6. The bouquet: The history of the bouquet is not a glamorous one…it was originally used to hide the body odor of unshowered brides many moons ago… it’s definitely not a tradition you have to adhere to. Opt to go sans-bouquet, or hold a candle, your dog/dog’s leash, or your fiance’s hand, instead.

7. Place cards: Opt instead for the mirror with the names written on it, the door with keys hanging, the seating diagram, etc. There are so many different ways you can communicate the table number to your guests. Have fun with this – tented cards are not the only way!

8. The receiving line: It’s tough to find anyone who likes going through it, and equally difficult to find someone who likes standing in one. You can opt to go table to table to greet your guests, or join your own cocktail hour instead.

9. Altar arrangements: Most weddings seem to have two altar arrangements planked on either side of the ceremony site. All the more reason to forgo this! There are so many other decorative ideas that can be used to spruce up your ceremony space!

10. The park photos: If you’re not typically the type of couple that loves perfectly landscaped parks…why take your wedding photos there? Urban shots are fun and trendy. Using the venue’s grounds is convenient and requires no travel…. take photos in convenient places that are of interest to you – parks are not the only option.

Top 10 Wedding Traditions to Trash