Q:  Do you charge by the hour, or percentage of the total event budget?

A:  Establishing trusting relationships with our clients is important to us.  We take pride in custom quoting each package and establishing a flat rate. No hourly or percentage based billing will be applied.  Take comfort in knowing we are here to assist you without any surprise invoices! In many cases, the consultant can connect you with vendors offering such a large discount that it balances the cost of the consulting package!

Hiring a consultant can actually save you money!


Q: I want to hire a consultant but still want to retain control of my wedding plans. How is this possible?

A: As consultants, we will be as involved as you want us to be! We can be part of every detail and aspect that goes into planning your wedding, or we can compliment your ideas by offering suggestions and industry experience. We can also be hired strictly to provide on-site service on the day of your wedding. This is YOUR day and you remain in full control of all decisions made.


Q: Why do I need a wedding consultant?

A: The consultants at Let’s Party have built strong relationships with various vendors over the past several years. We are able to leverage these relationships  to obtain discounts for our clients that are typically not available to the general public. In addition to this, we can point you in the right direction by referring you to reputable vendors. Rather than having to sort through thousands of vendors on the web we can direct you to reputable vendors that have proven themselves to us over the years. Also, many vendors view engaged couples as being one-time customers. The chances that you’ll ever re-hire a videographer, for example, are slim-to-none. Due to this fact, you’ll notice the customer service of many vendors tends to decline after you’ve left the initial deposit. However, when approached by a consultant, many vendors recognize the possibility of future repeat business and are more apt to provide a higher quality of service.


Q: If we book a wedding consultant through your company, does that mean we have to use your vendors as opposed to locating our own?

A: The consultants at Let’s Party are able to provide you with referrals to reputable vendors, but you’re certainly not obligated to strictly book with our vendors! We’d be delighted to work hand-in-hand with the vendors that you select. You’re the ultimate decision-maker for your big day.


Q: Do you consult weddings outside of the GTA?

A:  Our services know no boundaries!  We’re happy to custom quote your out of town, or destination event.

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