Weddings: Virtual Consulting, And COVID Support Plans

You have questions and concerns. We have the answers.

If COVID has affected your wedding plans, and you need support, guidance, and industry information, we’re here to help.

Our Virtual Consulting Packages and COVID Support Plans are designed to help you make sense of the chaos that the pandemic has caused.

You may not have considered engaging a consultant to assist with your wedding, but now, more than ever, professional assistance is in high demand.

Our Consultants are trained to help you navigate through these uncertain times. Venues and vendors are going out of business at a rapid pace, and we’re here to guide your planning process and protect your wedding investment. Our valuable industry insight and unwavering support will ensure you have a backup plan in place to lessen the impact that COVID may have on your wedding plans.

Ongoing support and guidance is available at your fingertips through flexible Pay-As-You-Go, and Subscription Based Services.  You can experience the assistance and unwavering support of our consulting team via email, text, or phone communication, 24 hours a day.

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